Welcome to Angvlar’s Acceptable Use Policy

This statement defines what you can and cannot use our sites and products for.

Because this policy is a component of the terms and conditions for each Angvlar service, please read it carefully.

Please don’t use Angvlar if you disagree with our policy! You accept this policy by using any of our websites.

What’s not acceptable use?

Using Angvlar or any of our websites, services, or products to submit, post, create, host, or otherwise make accessible any content that could include, grant access to (for example, through links to third-party websites), or advertise any of the following scopes is not permitted:

  • Adult material comprises any visual representations of nudity or sexual behaviour and any business related to monetising adult content, such as escort services.
  • The exploitation of kids includes portraying them in photos or films in a way that fosters or promotes attraction to them.
  • Hate speech is defined as material that encourages or justifies the use of force or discrimination against individuals on the grounds of their racial, ethnic, religious, gender identity, age, or national origin.
  • Content that threatens or is meant to encourage and encourage assault against an individual or a group of people is considered an incitement to violence.
  • Harassment: This refers to any bullying or harassment aimed towards a particular individual or group of individuals.
  •  Defamation: This includes any untruthful comments about a person that tends to lower their estimation in the eyes of others.
  •  Copyright and third-party intellectual property: Please refrain from using the Angvlar websites, goods, or services in a way that violates the copyright or other intellectual property rights of others. Doing so is against the law and is not cool. For additional information on reporting infringements of intellectual property, please check the Terms and Conditions.
  • Offensive content: This contains material that might insult a fair-minded individual, such as shock-value material.
  •  Fraudulent, misleading or deceptive conduct: This includes making statements about your products or services that are not accurate or impersonating others. To avoid confusing or deceptive customers, you must not utilise information obtained from or via Angvlar sites, services, or products (for instance, by automatically gathering data to create a website that resembles one of our sites). Additionally, you must not pretend to be someone else or use a phoney email address.

Additionally, it is not permissible to use Angvlar or any of our websites, services, or products to publish, post, create, host, or otherwise make accessible any content that might include, grant access to (for example, through links to third-party websites), or advertise any of the following actions:

  • Provision of regulated products and services: This covers the provision of adult escort services, gambling, and the provision of firearms.
  •  Illegal activities: This seems like a no-brainer, but using Angvlar products or services for any harmful or illegal content or other purposes is unacceptable. You should always ensure you’re aware of and comply with any applicable laws in Romania or other jurisdictions you are in or doing business in.
  • Illegal actions that hurt Angvlar products, services, brands, or other people: Links or content that might harm the reputation of Angvlar, its goods, services, or brand are unacceptable to us. These include Angvlar websites, files, or web pages that contain viruses, trojans, malware, or other programs designed to access a user’s equipment or information with illicit purposes and/or without the user’s knowledge. They also include pirated software, programs, or archives that offer the functionality to gain unauthorised access to any other networks or systems. No information, content, software, or item accessed from or via Angvlar may be altered, copied, displayed, published, distributed, transmitted, performed, licensed, sold, or resold, nor may such information, content, software, or item be transferred, other than under these terms and the Terms and Conditions.

It’s NOT OKAY to:

  • try to utilise Angvlar goods or services to access computer networks or information without authorisation;
  • trying to establish private arrangements that would otherwise be made using Angvlar sites, services, or goods by contacting other members using Angvlar sites, services, or using any information obtained from Angvlar sites or services;
  • engage in any agreements that conflict with these conditions or that are intended to apply in addition to these terms or the Terms and Conditions;
  • utilise information obtained from or through Angvlar sites, services, or products in a manner that might perplex or deceive customers (for instance, by accumulating information automatically to create a website that resembles one of ours);
  • to monitor, copy, or scrape Angvlar’s websites, pages, or products or the information included in them using any automated device or software or to allow others to do so;
  • try to interfere with, harm, or in any other manner affect the functioning of the Angvlar websites, services, or goods.

How can I report any abuse or offensive content?

Reporting abuse: Please use the ‘Abuse Form’ form to inform us of any suspected policy breaches.

What action might we take if a buyer/customer/client has used our sites, products or services in breach of this policy?

We will ensure fair outcomes for any content or use we deem unacceptable. If you’re unsure whether your content or intended use of our services is acceptable, please get in touch with us to discuss.

To whatever extent allowed by law, if you breached our acceptable use policy, we reserve the right to:

  • request that you delete the items that we find unacceptable right away;
  • deactivate or cancel any accounts you have with any of the Angvlar Sites;
  • discontinue giving you the services, including hosting your website, right away;
  • report you to the proper authorities in severe circumstances, such as those involving child abuse or other unlawful activities.

How can you contact us?

Please message us with any queries regarding our policy via the Contact Form.

The acceptable use policy is the best method to understand how you may use Angvlar’s websites, goods, and services, so we’re delighted you made it to the conclusion.