Angvlar requires DMCA notices to be filed online. The complaint must include complete contact information (including phone number). We will call and verify. Email is unsuitable for legal complaints (unless a recognized and reputable third party has digitally signed it).

Our practice is to reply to plainly written notices of suspected copyright infringement. The information that has to be in these alerts is described in this answer. t aims to lower the number of notifications we get that are false or challenging to comprehend or verify while making sending reports of suspected infringement as simple as feasible. The notification format below corresponds to the one recommended by the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Still, we will also respond to notices of this form from other jurisdictions.

If you falsely claim that a product or action infringes on your copyright, you will be held responsible for all losses (including expenses and lawyers’ fees). Accordingly, if you are still determining whether material available online infringes your copyright, we suggest contacting an attorney first. You must send us a communication that includes the details listed below to register a notice of infringement.

  • Identify the work that you think has been infringed upon by providing enough details or other information to identify the infringing work.
  • Determine the content you believe violates the copyrighted work mentioned above. Each website that is purportedly hosting illegal content must be named. You must provide the URL for each allegedly violating result, document, or item.
  • Please include information that will allow us to contact you.
  • Give enough details (preferably an email address) to the owner or administrator of the allegedly illegal website or other content.
  • Include the following declaration: In my good faith opinion, using the allegedly infringing copyrighted items indicated above is not permitted by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
  • Include the following declaration: under pain of perjury, I declare that the information in the notice is true, and I hold the copyright to it or have the authority to speak on behalf of the owner of a purportedly infringed exclusive right.
  •  Sign the notice.
  •  We ask that DMCA complaints be submitted through our online form below for the fastest processing and response.

We may respond to these notifications by deleting or limiting access to the allegedly infringing material and/or terminating users of our services, regardless of whether we may be responsible for such infringement under local country law or Romanian legislation. We shall make a good-faith effort to contact the owner or administrator of the impacted site or material if we delete or block access in response to such a warning so that they can issue a counter-notification.

Additionally, notices of suspected infringement that we act upon may be documented. As with all legal notices, a copy may be provided to one or more third parties who may distribute it to the general public.

The safe harbour provisions mandate that service providers warn customers if the contents have been removed and provide them with the opportunity to send a written notice to the supplier stating that the content has been incorrectly removed to prevent copyright owners from wrongly insisting on the removal of materials that do not violate their copyrights.

The service provider must quickly inform the claiming party of the individual’s objection if a subscriber submits a legitimate “counter-notice”, asserting that the item does not violate copyrights. The service provider must restore the content to its original place on its network if the copyright holder doesn’t file a lawsuit in Cluj-Napoca court within 14 days.

The copyright holder is, therefore, responsible to the internet service provider for any losses sustained due to the incorrect removal of the material if it is discovered that the copyright holder misrepresented their claim regarding the infringing material.

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