Back in 2018, while being on the board of another IT company, the CEO (Filip Istrate) decided to open a business oriented on business development and growth, mainly in the IT environment.

During that summer, he thought of different names for the business and came up with one:


relating to one or more angles – because we love to consider multiple perspectives;
sharp points – because we know the people who choose to work with us are bright;
Adds depth – suggests a forward-thinking and wise approach to the following fundamental aspects of business and life:
.DREAM (vision) – dreaming big while considering various perspectives and clever strategies to turn those dreams into reality; represents a creative, imaginative, practical, and insightful vision..FOCUS (work) – implies a focused approach, allowing for a comprehensive and intelligent understanding of the subject at hand; it emphasizes precision, clarity, and the ability to discern important details..EARN (results) – signifies generating profits, success and opportunities through innovative and intelligent means; it implies making strategic decisions and leveraging sharp business acumen to achieve financial gains and overall success.

Since then, many big and small customers with different-sized projects have worked with us.

At first, our services were web design-related.

We developed our company further in different areas, no longer limiting the services to online development but also offline assistance (such as legal advice, company registration and trademarks).

We plan on becoming an All-in-One Business Solution aiming to help as many businesses worldwide so you have everything business-related in one account.