*Absolutely everyone who benefits from Angvlar services is required to take knowledge and follow the rules below. Any violation thereof results in suspension of service with or without prior notice. Rules can be changed at any time without prior notice, so visit this page regularly to be aware of the terms and conditions of use of our services.

Effective March 27, 2024


These Terms and Conditions reflect how Angvlar’s business works, the laws that apply to our company, and certain things we’ve always believed true. As you use our services, Angvlar’s relationship with you is partly defined by these Terms and Conditions. These terms, for instance, cover the following subject headings:

  • What to anticipate from us, which outlines the methods we use to deliver and extend our services
  • What we require of you and the restrictions that apply when utilising our services
  •  Content in Angvlar services, which describes the intellectual property rights to the content you find in our services — whether that content belongs to you, Angvlar, or others
  •  In case of problems or disagreements, which describes other legal rights you have and what to expect in case someone violates these terms

Understanding these terms is essential because, to use our services, you must accept these terms.

Besides these terms, we also publish a Privacy Policy. Although it’s not part of these terms, we encourage you to read it to understand better how to update, manage, export, and delete your information. We also publish an Acceptable Use PolicyCookies PolicyAPI Use Policy, Brand Guidelines and a Copyright Policy. Using our Sites means you accept these seven policies (Terms and Conditions and the other six).


The capitalised language used herein shall have the meanings given below:

Provider – The company under contract with whom you may use their websites and services:

Angvlar SRL

Registration No. J12/5486/19.12.2018, Unique Identification Code 40331941, VAT No. RO40474720

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, România

Partner/Collaborator – entities working with/for the Provider

Site/Website – angvlar.com website, accessible under the URL: www.angvlar.com and all associated sites linked to the Site the Provider operates.

Services – The Angvlar services that are subject to these terms include, but are not limited to:

  • apps and sites (like Angvlar Analytics and Angvlar QR)
  •  platforms (like Angvlar Social)
  •  integrated services (like Angvlar Forms embedded in other companies’ apps or sites)
  •  devices (like Angvlar SMS Devices)
  • Many of these services also include content you can stream or interact with.

Terms and Conditions/Agreement – this document specifies the terms and conditions of using the Site and Services and the rights and obligations of the Clients and the Provider.

Client/Consumer/Customer/User – an individual who has reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction, with a total capacity to enter into legal transactions, acting on their behalf, which uses the Site under the Terms and Conditions.

Angvlar Account – An account on ANY of the Sites/Platforms/Apps we own, mainly called an Angvlar Dashboard Account.

Copyright – A legal right that allows the creator of an original work (such as a blog post, photo, or video) to decide if and how that original work may be used by others, subject to certain limitations and exceptions.

Disclaimer – A statement that limits someone’s legal responsibilities.

EU Platform-to-Business Regulation – The Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services.

Indemnify/Indemnity – A person or organisation’s contractual duty to make up losses sustained by another person or organisation due to legal actions like lawsuits.

Intellectual property rights (IP rights) – Rights to an individual’s mental works, including innovations (patent rights), literary and creative achievements (copyright), designs (design rights), and signs, names, and pictures used in business (trademarks). You, another person, or a company may own IP rights.

Lack of conformity – A legal concept that defines the difference between how something should work and how it works. Under the law, how something should work is based on how the seller or trader describes it, whether its quality and performance are satisfactory, and its fitness for the usual purpose of such items.

Legal guarantee – A legal contract is a requirement under the law that a seller or trader is liable if their digital content, services, or goods are defective (that is, that they lack conformity).

Liability – Any damages resulting from a legal claim, regardless of whether that claim is founded on a contract, a tort (such as negligence), or another ground, and irrespective of whether those losses could have been foreseen or reasonably expected.

Organisation – A body corporate, nonprofit, or educational institution, not an individual.

Trademark – Symbols, names, and images used in commerce can distinguish the products or services of a single person or business from those of another.

Warranty – An assurance that a product or service will perform to a certain standard.

Your content – Things that you create, upload, submit, store, send, receive, or share using our services, such as:

  • blog posts you upload through Angvlar Social
  •  reviews you submit
  •  videos you store in Angvlar Drive
  •  pictures you communicate with friends through Angvlar Social

Age requirements

If you’re under 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use an Angvlar Account or any of our services. Please have your parent or legal guardian read these terms with you.

If you’re under 16, please DO NOT USE our Site/Services, as we don’t knowingly collect any information from anyone aged 16 or under.

If you’re a parent or legal guardian, and you allow your child to use the services, then these terms apply to you, and you’re responsible for your child’s activity on the services.

Some Angvlar services have additional age requirements as described in their service-specific additional terms and policies.

Your relationship with Angvlar

These terms help define the relationship between you and Angvlar. We permit you to use our Sites and Services if you agree to follow these terms, which reflect how Angvlar’s business work. When we speak of “Angvlar,” “we,” “us,” and “our,” we mean Angvlar SRL and its entities that belong to the Angvlar group of companies, which means Angvlar SRL and its subsidiaries.

What you can expect from us

Provide a broad range of valuable services

We provide a broad range of services that are subject to these terms, including:

  • apps and sites (like Angvlar Analytics and Angvlar QR)
  •  platforms (like Angvlar Social)
  •  integrated services (like Angvlar Forms embedded in other companies’ apps or sites)
  •  devices (like Angvlar SMS Devices)
  • Many of these services also include content you can stream or interact with.

Our services are designed to work together, making moving from one activity to the next easier.

Develop, improve, and update Angvlar services

While we use a broad definition of “services” throughout these terms as described above, applicable law draws distinctions between “digital content”, “services”, and “goods” in certain situations. We use more specific terms in this and the Legal guarantee sections.

We’re constantly developing new technologies and features to improve our services.

As part of the continual evolution of our digital content, services, and goods, we make modifications such as adding or removing features and functionalities, increasing or decreasing usage limits, offering new digital content or services or discontinuing old ones. We may also change our digital content or services for these other reasons:

  • to adapt to new technologies
  •  to reflect increases or decreases in the number of people who use a particular service
  •  to respond to crucial changes in the licenses and partnerships we have with others
  •  to prevent abuse or harm
  •  to address legal, regulatory, safety, or security issues

In particular, we sometimes make legally-required updates, which are modifications that keep digital content, services, or goods in conformity with the law. We update our digital content, services, and goods for safety or security reasons and to ensure they meet the quality standards you expect, such as those described in the Legal guarantee section.

Before we change or stop offering a service, we carefully consider your interests as a user, your reasonable expectations, and the potential impact on you and others. We only change or stop offering services for valid reasons.

If a modification negatively affects your ability to access or use our digital content or services, or if we stop offering any service altogether, we’ll provide you with reasonable advance notice by e-mail — including a description of the changes, when they take place, and your right to end your contract with us if our modifications create more than a minor negative impact — except in urgent situations such as preventing abuse or harm, responding to legal requirements, or addressing security and operability issues.

What we expect from you

Follow these terms and service-specific additional terms

The permission we give you to use our services continues as long as you comply with the following:

  • these terms
  •  service-specific additional terms, which could, for example, include things like additional age requirements

Although we permit you to use our services, we retain any intellectual property rights we have in the services.

Respect others

We want to maintain a respectful environment for everyone, which means you must follow these basic rules of conduct:

  • comply with applicable laws, including export control, sanctions, and human trafficking laws
  •  respect the rights of others, including privacy and intellectual property rights
  •  don’t abuse or harm others or yourself (or threaten or encourage such abuse or harm) — for example, by misleading, defrauding, illegally impersonating, defaming, bullying, harassing, or stalking others
  •  don’t abuse, harm, interfere with, or disrupt the services — for example, by accessing or using them in fraudulent or deceptive ways, introducing malware, or spamming, hacking, or bypassing our systems or protective measures

Our service-specific additional terms and policies provide further details about appropriate conduct that everyone using those services must follow. If you find others aren’t following these rules, many of our services allow you to report abuse. If we act on an abuse report, we also provide the process described in the Taking Action in Case of Problems section.

Permission to use your content

Some of our services are designed to let you upload, submit, store, send, receive, or share your content. You have no obligation to provide any content to our services, and you’re free to choose the content you want. If you decide to upload or share content, please ensure you have the right to do so and that the content is lawful.

Your content remains yours, meaning you retain any intellectual property rights you have in your content. For example, you have intellectual property rights in the creative content you make, such as reviews you write. Or you may have the right to share someone else’s creative content if they’ve given you their permission.

We need your permission if your intellectual property rights restrict our use of your content. You provide Angvlar with that permission through this license.

What’s covered?
This license covers your content if intellectual property rights protect that content.

What’s not covered?
This license doesn’t affect your data protection rights — it’s only about your intellectual property rights.
This license doesn’t cover these types of content:
• publicly-available factual information that you provide, such as corrections to the address of a local business. That information doesn’t require a license because it’s considered common knowledge that everyone can use.
• feedback that you offer, such as suggestions to improve our services. Feedback is covered in the Service-related communications section below.

This license is:
• worldwide, which means it’s valid anywhere in the world
• non-exclusive, which means you can license your content to others
• royalty-free, which means there are no monetary fees for this license

This license allows Angvlar to:
• host, reproduce, distribute, communicate, and use your content — for example, save your content on our systems and make it accessible from anywhere you go
• publish, publicly perform, or publicly display your content, if you’ve made it visible to others
• modify your content, such as reformatting or translating it
• sublicense these rights to:
 – other users to allow the services to work as designed, such as enabling you to share photos with people you choose
 – our contractors who’ve signed agreements with us that are consistent with these terms, only for the limited purposes described in the Purpose section below

This license is for the limited purpose of:
• operating and improving the services, which means allowing the services to work as designed and creating new features and functionalities. This includes using automated systems and algorithms to analyse your content:
 – for spam, malware, and unlawful content
 – to find patterns in data
 – to customise our services for you, such as providing recommendations
This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and stored.
• use the content you’ve shared publicly to promote the services.
• developing new technologies and services for Angvlar consistent with these terms

This license lasts for as long as intellectual property rights protect your content.
If you remove from our Services any content covered by this license, then our systems will stop making that content publicly available in a reasonable amount of time. There are two exceptions:
• If you already shared your content with others before removing it. For example, if you shared a photo with a friend who then made a copy of it or shared it again, that photo may continue appearing even after you remove it from your Angvlar Account.
• If you make your content available through other companies’ services, it’s possible that search engines will continue to find and display your content as part of their search results.

Using Angvlar services

Your Angvlar Account

If you meet these age requirements, you can create an Angvlar Account for your convenience. Some services require that you have an Angvlar Account to work — for example, to use Angvlar Analytics, you need an Angvlar Account so that you have a place to analyse your websites.

You’re responsible for what you do with your Angvlar Account, including taking reasonable steps to keep your Angvlar Account secure. We encourage you to change your password and set security questions/2FA regularly.

You promise that the information you give us is true, accurate and complete, and if you sign up for an Angvlar Account, you will keep your account information up-to-date (including a current e-mail address).

You do not sell or give away your account, and you do not change the owner of the account.

Referrals: As a part of our Affiliate Program, if you refer a new member to any of our Sites, you may be eligible to receive affiliate income, as defined later in this document.

Using Angvlar services on behalf of an organisation or business

Many organisations employ our services, including companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions. When utilising our services on behalf of an organisation, you must:

  • An authorised representative of the organisation must accept these terms before using our services on its behalf.
  • Your organisation’s administrator may assign an Angvlar Account to you. That administrator might require you to follow additional rules and may be able to access or disable your Angvlar Account.

Suppose you’re based in the European Union. In that case, these terms don’t affect your rights as a business user of online intermediation services — including online platforms — under the EU Platform-to-Business Regulation.

Service-related communications

We sometimes send you service announcements and other information to provide you with our services. To learn more about how we communicate with you, see Angvlar’s Privacy Policy.

If you choose to give us feedback, such as suggestions to improve our services, we may act on your feedback without any obligation to you.

Content in Angvlar services

Your content

Some of our services allow you to publicly make your content available — for example, you might post or upload something you created.

  • See the permission to use your Content section for more about your rights in your content and how your content is used in our services.
  •  See the Removing your content section to learn why and how we might remove user-generated content from our services.

If you think someone is infringing your intellectual property rights, you can send us notice, and we’ll take appropriate action. For example, we suspend or close the Angvlar accounts of repeat copyright infringers.

Angvlar content

Some of our services include content that belongs to Angvlar. You may use Angvlar’s content as allowed by these terms and any service-specific additional terms, but we retain any intellectual property rights in our content. Don’t remove, obscure, or alter our branding, logos, or legal notices. If you want to use our branding or logos, please contact us and follow the Brand Guidelines!

Other content

Finally, some of our services give you access to content that belongs to other people or organisations — for example, a store owner’s description of their own business or a newspaper article displayed in Angvlar Social. You may not utilise this content without the owner’s consent or except as otherwise provided by law. The views expressed in other people’s or organisations’ content are theirs and don’t necessarily reflect Angvlar’s views.

Software in Angvlar services

Some of our services include downloadable software. We permit you to use that software as part of the services.

The license we give you is as follows:

  • worldwide, which means it’s valid anywhere in the world
  •  non-exclusive, which means that we can license the software to others
  •  royalty-free, which means there are no monetary fees for this license
  •  personal, which means it doesn’t extend to anyone else
  •  non-assignable, which means you’re not allowed to assign the right to anyone else

Some of our services include software offered under open-source license terms that we make available to you. Sometimes there are provisions in the open-source license that explicitly override parts of these terms, so please read those licenses.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, or lease any part of our services or software.

In case of problems or disagreements

Both the law and these terms give you the right to (1) a certain quality of service and (2) ways to fix problems if things go wrong. If you’re a consumer, you enjoy all legal rights granted to consumers under applicable law and any additional rights provided under these or service-specific additional terms.

Legal guarantee

Suppose you’re an EEA-based consumer and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. In that case, EEA consumer laws provide a legal guarantee covering the digital content, services, or goods we offer you. Under this guarantee, we’re liable for any lack of conformity that you discover:

  • within two years of the delivery of goods (such as a device) or the one-time supply of digital content or services
  •  at any time during the “continuous” supply of digital content or services (such as Angvlar Analytics and Angvlar Conversions)

Your national laws may provide an even more extended guarantee. Your rights under these legal guarantees aren’t limited by any other commercial guarantees we provide. If you want to make a guarantee claim, please get in touch with us.


For all users

These terms only limit our responsibilities as allowed by applicable law. These terms don’t limit liability for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, death, or personal injury caused by negligence or willful misconduct.

Besides the liabilities described above, Angvlar is liable only for its breaches of these terms or applicable service-specific additional terms, subject to applicable law.

For business users and organisations only

If you represent a company or other organisation:

To the extent allowed by applicable law, you’ll indemnify Angvlar and its directors, officers, employees, and contractors for any third-party legal proceedings (including actions by government authorities) arising out of or relating to your unlawful use of the services or violation of these terms or service-specific additional terms. This indemnity covers any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, judgments, fines, litigation costs, and legal fees.

If you’re legally exempt from specific responsibilities, including indemnification, then those responsibilities don’t apply to you under these terms. For example, the United Nations enjoys certain immunities from legal obligations, and these terms don’t override those immunities.

Angvlar won’t be responsible for the following liabilities:

  • loss of profits, revenues, business opportunities, goodwill, or anticipated savings
  •  indirect or consequential loss
  •  punitive damages

Angvlar’s total liability arising from or relating to these terms is limited to €25.00.

Taking action in case of problems

Before taking action as described below, we’ll provide you with advance notice when reasonably possible, explain the reason for our action, and allow you to fix the problem unless we reasonably believe that doing so would:

  • cause harm or liability to a user, third party, or Angvlar
  •  violate the law or a legal enforcement authority’s order
  •  compromise an investigation
  •  compromise the operation, integrity, or security of our services

Removing your content

If we reasonably believe that any of your content (1) breaches these terms, service-specific additional terms or policies, (2) violates applicable law, or (3) could harm our users, third parties, or Angvlar, then we reserve the right to take down some or all of that content under applicable law. Examples include child pornography, content that facilitates human trafficking or harassment, terrorist content, and content that infringes on someone else’s intellectual property rights.

Suspending or terminating your access to Angvlar services

Angvlar reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to the services or delete your Angvlar Account if any of these things happen:

  • you materially or repeatedly breach these terms, service-specific additional terms or policies
  • you initiate any sort of (legal) dispute
  •  we’re required to do so to comply with a legal requirement or a court order
  •  we reasonably believe that your conduct causes harm or liability to a user, third party, or Angvlar — for example, by hacking, phishing, harassing, spamming, misleading others, or scraping content that doesn’t belong to you

You can appeal if you believe your Angvlar Account has been incorrectly suspended or terminated.

Of course, you’re always free to stop using our services anytime. If you’re an EEA-based consumer, you can withdraw from these terms within 14 days of accepting them. If you do stop using a service, we’d appreciate knowing why so that we can continue improving our services.

Handling requests for your data

Respect for the privacy and security of your data underpins our approach to responding to data disclosure requests. Angvlar SRL accesses and discloses data, including communications, under the laws of Romania and EU law applicable in Romania. When we receive data disclosure requests, our team reviews them to ensure they satisfy legal requirements and Angvlar’s data disclosure policies. For more information about the data disclosure requests that Angvlar receives worldwide and how we respond to such submissions, see our Privacy Policy.

Settling disputes, governing law, and courts

For information about how to contact Angvlar, please visit our contact page.

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the formation of this Agreement or the breach of this Agreement, including any claim based upon an alleged tort, shall be governed by the substantive laws of Romania, and the courts of Romania, in Cluj-Napoca.

If you’re an EEA-based consumer, please get in touch with us to resolve issues directly. The European Commission also offers an Online Dispute Resolution platform, but Angvlar isn’t legally required to use this or other alternative dispute resolution platforms.

Compliance with local laws

Angvlar makes no representation or warranty that the content available on this Site or the Services found at this Site are appropriate in every country or jurisdiction, and access to this Site or the Services found at this Site from countries or jurisdictions where its content is illegal is prohibited. Users who choose to access this Site or the Services found at this Site are responsible for compliance with all local laws, rules and regulations.

About these terms

By law, you have certain rights that a contract, like these Terms and Conditions, can’t limit. These terms are in no way intended to restrict those rights.

These terms describe the relationship between you and Angvlar. They don’t create legal rights for other people or organisations, even if others benefit from that relationship under these terms.

We want to make these terms easy to understand, so we’ve used examples from our services. But not all services mentioned may be available in your country.

If it turns out that a particular term is not valid or enforceable, this will not affect any other terms.

If you don’t follow these terms or the service-specific additional terms, and we don’t take action right away, that doesn’t mean we’re giving up any rights we may have, such as taking action in the future.

We may update these terms and service-specific additional terms

  1. to reflect changes in our services or how we do business — for example when we add new services, features, technologies, pricing, or benefits (or remove old ones),
  2. for purposes of law, regulation, or security, or
  3. to stop abuse or harm.

Suppose we materially change these terms or service-specific additional terms. In that case, we’ll provide you with reasonable advance notice and the opportunity to review the changes, except (1) when we launch a new service or feature or (2) in urgent situations, such as preventing ongoing abuse or responding to legal requirements. If you disagree with the new terms, remove your content and stop using the services. You can end your relationship with us anytime by closing your Angvlar Account.

A copy of the latest version of this policy will always be available on this page.

EEA instructions on withdrawal

If you’re an EEA-based consumer, starting May 28, 2022, EEA consumer law gives you the right to withdraw from this contract as described in the EU’s Model Instructions on Withdrawal, provided below.

Right of withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days from the day of the conclusion of the contract.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g., e-mail). You can contact us by e-mail via the Contact Form; You may use the attached model withdrawal form, but it is not obligatory.

To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired.

Effects of withdrawal
If you withdraw from this contract, we shall reimburse you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (except for the supplementary costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; otherwise, you will not incur any fees due to such reimbursement.

Model withdrawal form
(complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

To Angvlar SRL, via the Contact Form:
I hereby give notice that I withdraw from my contract of sale for the provision of the following service,
Ordered on,
Name of consumer,
Address of consumer,

Contact Angvlar to withdraw from these terms.

How Angvlar handles government requests for user information

Government agencies from around the world ask Angvlar to disclose user information. We carefully review each request to make sure it satisfies applicable laws. If a request asks for too much information, we try to narrow it down, and in some cases, we object to producing any info.

Notifying users of requests for information

When we receive a request from a government agency, we send an e-mail to the user account before disclosing information. If an organisation manages the account, we’ll notify the account administrator.

We won’t give notice when legally prohibited under the terms of the request. We’ll provide notice after a legal prohibition is lifted, such as when a statutory or court-ordered gag period has expired.

We might not give notice if the account has been disabled or hijacked. And we might not give notice in the case of emergencies, such as threats to a child’s safety or someone’s life, in which case we’ll provide notice if we learn that the emergency has passed.

Requests for information made to Angvlar SRL

Because Angvlar SRL is responsible for providing the Angvlar services, it also receives requests for user information.

Requests from Romanian government agencies

Angvlar SRL considers Romanian law when evaluating requests for user information by a Romanian agency. Romania law requires that Romania law enforcement authorities obtain a judicially-authorised order to compel Angvlar SRL to provide helpful information.

Requests from government authorities outside of Romania

Angvlar SRL offers services to users located worldwide, and we sometimes receive data disclosure requests from government authorities outside of Romania. In this case, we may provide user data if doing so is consistent with all of the following:

  • Romanian law, which means that access and disclosure are permitted under applicable Romanian law
  •  European Union (EU) law applicable in Romania, which means any EU laws applicable in Romania, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  •  Law of the requesting country which means that we require the authority to follow the same due process and legal requirements that would apply if the request were made to a local provider of a similar service
  •  International norms, which means we only provide data in response to requests that satisfy the Global Network Initiative’s Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy and its associated implementation guidelines
  •  Angvlar’s policies which include any applicable Terms and Conditions, privacy policies, acceptable use policy and cookies policy, as well as policies related to the protection of freedom of expression

Requests for information in emergencies

If we reasonably believe that we can prevent someone from dying or suffering serious physical harm, we may provide information to a government agency — for example, for bomb threats, school shootings, kidnappings, suicide prevention, and missing person cases. We still consider these requests in light of applicable laws and our policies.


The headings herein are for convenience only and are not part of this Agreement.


If Angvlar sells the company or parts of it, you agree that your entire information and services will be divested to the buying party.

  1. Successors

You may not assign or transfer this Agreement or any of its rights or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of Angvlar. Any attempted assignment violating the preceding provision shall be null, void, and of no force or effect whatsoever. Angvlar may assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement and engage subcontractors or agents in performing its duties and exercising its rights hereunder without your consent. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns.


To the extent permitted by applicable law, You will indemnify, hold harmless and defend Angvlar and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, at Your expense, from any and all third-party claims, actions, proceedings, and suits brought against Angvlar or any of its officers, directors, employees, agents or affiliates, and all related liabilities, damages, settlements, penalties, fines, costs or expenses (including, reasonable attorneys’ fees and other litigation expenses) incurred by Angvlar or any of its officers, directors, employees, agents or affiliates, arising out of or relating to

  1. Any violation of a clause or condition in this Agreement by you;
  2. Your use of the service;
  3. Your violations of applicable laws, rules or regulations in connection with the service;
  4. any representations and warranties made by You concerning any aspect of the Service, the Software or Reports to any Third Party;
  5. any claims made by or on behalf of any Third Party pertaining directly or indirectly to Your use of the Service, the Software or Reports;
  6. violations of Your obligations of privacy to any Third Party; and
  7. any claims concerning acts or omissions of any Third Party in connection with the Service, the Software or Reports.

Angvlar will provide You with written notice of any claim, suit or action from which You must indemnify Angvlar. You will cooperate as fully as reasonably required to defend any claim. Angvlar reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any matter subject to indemnification by You.

Third Parties

If You use any Service on behalf of the Third Party or a Third Party otherwise uses the Service through Your Account, whether or not Angvlar authorises you to do so. You represent and warrant that:

  1. You have the authority to bind the Third Party to all of Your obligations under this Agreement on their behalf,
  2. Angvlar may share with the Third Party any Customer Data that is specific to the Third Party’s Properties, and
  3. You will not disclose Third Party’s Customer Data to any other party without the Third Party’s consent.

Independent Contractor

Angvlar and the Customer are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement places Angvlar and the Customer in the relationship of principal and agent, partners or joint venturers. Neither party has, expressly or by implication, or may represent itself as having any authority to make contracts, enter into any agreements in the other party’s name, or obligate or bind the other party in any manner whatsoever.


Angvlar makes no warranties, expressed or implied, for the Services. Angvlar disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, including loss of data resulting from delays, delivery failures, wrong deliveries, and any and all service interruptions caused by Angvlar or our employees. Angvlar shall not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer.

Force Majeure

Neither party is liable for any default or delay in the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement (other than failure to make payments when due) if such default or delay is caused, directly or indirectly, by forces beyond such party’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, fire, flood, acts of God, labour disputes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, interruptions of transportation or communications, supply shortages or the failure of any third party to perform any commitment relative to the production or delivery of any equipment or material required for such party to perform its obligations hereunder.

Payment & Billing


By providing a credit card or other payment method accepted by Angvlar, you represent and warrant that you are authorised to use the designated payment method. You authorise us (or our third-party payment processor) to charge your payment method for the total amount of your order (including any applicable taxes and other charges detailed at checkout). If the payment method you provide cannot be verified, is invalid or is otherwise unacceptable, your order may be suspended or cancelled. You must resolve any problem we encounter to proceed with your order.

Angvlar reserves the right to reject all or part of an order or a return request and may refuse to ship/fulfil/deliver items/products/services/goods to you for reasons such as:

  1. If we detect suspicious or fraudulent activity in violation of these Terms.
  2. If you do not live in a country from which items/products/services/goods may be purchased.
  3. If you order more than the permitted maximum number of items/products/services/goods.

Subscription Services

We offer different subscription plans for our Subscription Services.

Continuous Subscriptions. When you purchase any of our Subscription Services, you expressly acknowledge and agree that (1) Angvlar is authorised to charge you a monthly or annual subscription service fee depending on the billing cycle you choose (in addition to any applicable taxes) for as long as your subscription continues, and (2) your subscription is continuous until you cancel it or such Subscription Service is suspended, discontinued or terminated under these Terms.

Billing. You acknowledge that the amount billed may vary due to promotional offers, changes in your Subscription Services plan and applicable taxes, and you authorise us to charge your payment method for the corresponding amounts. Day one of your billing cycle is tied to the date you activate your Subscription Services.

Cancellations and Refunds. You can submit a cancellation request from your Angvlar Dashboard Account regarding the desired product. Refunds are not offered, as per the Refunds policy below. No backups are kept for that, so the “Backup after service termination” policy doesn’t apply in this case.

Free Trials. We may offer free trials of our Subscription Services for limited periods. We have no obligation to notify you when your free trial ends, and we reserve the right to modify or terminate free trials at any time, without notice and in our sole discretion.

Pre-paid Subscription Services. We may offer pre-paid Subscription Services, either included in the purchase price or as a Bundle. Pre-paid Subscription Services are subject to the same terms and conditions as other Subscription Services, including Angvlar’s right to suspend, discontinue or terminate the Subscription Services under these Terms.

Prices and Taxes. If we change the pricing for any Subscription Service you have purchased, we will give you advance notice of this change. After receiving this notice, you will be deemed to have accepted the change in pricing unless you cancel your subscription.

Total Price

The total price for an item/service we sell comprises: ITEM PRICE + TAXES (+ TRANSPORT FEES if applicable).

Prices include VAT (if applicable).

The price is not guaranteed, so adding a product to the cart doesn’t guarantee that price. The user understands to purchase the products and services as soon as possible, to benefit from that specific price.

Pricing Mistakes

We try very hard to ensure no price mistakes appear on our Sites. In the unlikely event that a mistake happens, you agree that that incorrect price will not bind Angvlar and may cancel your order. If an error is discovered and you haven’t been charged yet, we will let you know the correct price, and you will be given the option to continue with your order at the right price or cancel it.


If you do not receive your goods/items/services/products, please get in touch with us!

Any delivery dates or times provided by Angvlar (or a delivery agent) are estimates only and are not guaranteed.

Import and Export

Some items/goods/products may be subject to import and export laws and regulations in Romania and elsewhere. You must comply with all domestic and international import and export laws and regulations concerning the item/good/product. These laws may include restrictions on destinations, users, and end-use.


All services/items/goods/platforms/sites/products are subject to availability. We reserve the right to discontinue offering certain services/items/goods/platforms/sites/products without prior notice.

Certain products have quantity limits. You may order at most the maximum number we specify on a product page or in a product description. For example, the product description or product page may contain a maximum order limit for a particular service/item/good/platform/site/product.

Transacting as a buyer

When you buy anything from us, you’re doing so on the following terms:

  • you warrant to us that you have carefully considered the suitability of your chosen product/item/service and that you have chosen appropriately;
  •  you cannot cancel a completed purchase of an item/service/product;
  •  we do not promise that any particular item/service/product will continue to be available; and
  •  we have the right to enforce all the terms on this page against you.

Barter Arrangements

The main objective of all barter arrangements should be to provide Angvlar with financial, sales, or marketing benefits.

No barter arrangement can be entered into without the approval of the Chief Executive Director, who will ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for approving, recording, and monitoring the barter transaction.

The following applies to all barter arrangements:

  • Barter arrangements may not be used for personal benefit.
  •  All must be documented in writing.
  •  No exchange of cash should be included.
  •  Goods/services should be exchanged at a fair value and exchanged for equal value.
  •  Goods/services acquired must be recorded, tracked, and expensed as they are used.
  •  Barter arrangements may not be entered into, resulting in acquiring goods/services for which Angvlar has little or no use.
  •  Additional approvals and controls are often necessary to protect assets in a barter arrangement due to expiration dates, use and authorisation, and contract monitoring; these additional controls must be adhered to.
  •  The cost/benefit must be weighed as it may be necessary to forego additional cash sales to meet a barter obligation (ticket sales, rental space, etc.).
  •  Depending upon tax laws, bartered goods/services could be subject to sales and income taxes, payable in cash.

Angvlar reserves its right to approve/deny any of the Barter offers.


You have ninety (90) days to dispute any charge or payment processed by Angvlar. If you have a question concerning a charge you believe is incorrect, please get in touch with us via the Sales Support Form. If you initiate a chargeback, there may be a minimum charge of €25.00 plus applicable taxes to reactivate your account, and we reserve the right to suspend your account for the duration of the dispute. Hosting accounts that have an open dispute may be disabled for security purposes.

Payment Delay Late Fees

The invoice is generated 14 days before the due date, so the customer has plenty of time to pay the invoices.

If the invoice is not paid during the 14 days, on the 15th day, a Late Fee of €5.00 will be issued.

Failing to pay within 15 days will result in Daily Late Feeing, which adds 0.5% to the previous day’s total each day.

*If the invoice was generated for a service (like hosting or so), the account gets suspended on the fourth (4th) day of payment delay, and on the fifth (5th) day, the account gets terminated.

Invoice unpaid three (3) months after the due date

The invoice is generated 14 days before the due date, so the customer has plenty of time to pay the invoices. If the invoice is not paid within three (3) months after the due date, the invoice will be transferred to RedBill and could be subject to Debt Collectors.

Added funds

All deposits are non-refundable.


The customer can request a refund only if the service has not been activated. A refund is no longer possible once the ordered service has been activated. According to the European Directive – Buyers’ Rights in the EU, our services fall into both online digital content and other sections of the non-exhaustive list (https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/shopping-consumer-rights/index_en.htm#changed-mind-distance-1), but also according to Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament (https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:02011L0083-20180701), Article 16, points “a” and “m”, on services. Funds deposited in advance in the customer account as credits are not refundable. If the customer no longer wishes to use a service offered by Angvlar, it is possible to send a cancellation request directly from the customer’s account by which he chooses to cancel the service immediately or at the end of the billing period. After processing the submitted request, all data uploaded to that service will be permanently deleted. Also, a cancelled service cannot be reactivated after processing the cancellation request. No backups are kept for that, so the “Backup after service termination” policy doesn’t apply in this case.

Limitation of Liability



Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


Support relates exclusively to the error or unavailability of our services and not to configurations, customisations, settings, etc. It is free of charge for customers with active service, no overdue invoices for that specific service, and only regarding that particular service, limited to our knowledge.

We reserve the right to permanently discontinue support in the following cases: any indecent language and behaviour addressed to our support team members or abuse of support requests. Also, in such cases, Angvlar reserves its right to close the customer account with or without a notification and/or to refuse further providing of products and services.

Support is exclusively offered to paying customers, during working hours, via Angvlar Dashboard through support ticketse-mail, and calls. For the hearing or speech impaired, we also offer WhatsApp support. Using the last two options, you must provide our staff members with the One-Time Passcode you received from the ‘CALL US’ section in the client area.

Under special circumstances, video calls/conferences/Mic*osoft Teams meetings can be organised to properly discuss tasks, and requirements or to showcase the work done during the Maintenance service. Please be advised that accepting the meeting means accepting the fact that it will be recorded by Angvlar STAFF and that the recording can be kept until the completion of the project. It is also important to know that you also accept the meeting to enter a payment plan (part of the maintenance service) should you start asking for How-To Tutorial LIVE, or any LIVE modification.

Regarding remote support, we only offer assistance through https://www.angvlar.com/remote, our custom remote support application.

*Angvlar support agents will only discuss account information with the account holder and only when contacted from phone numbers linked to their Angvlar Account. All other contact attempts will be ignored. Non-customers must contact us via our Contact Form.


Services that use Angvlar’s Terms and Conditions & their service-specific additional terms and policies

Angvlar’s Terms and Conditions apply to the platforms/services/sites listed below. Next to each service, we also list additional terms and policies that apply to that particular service. The Terms and Conditions, additional terms, and policies define our relationship and mutual expectations as you use these platforms/services/sites.

This list only includes services governed by Angvlar’s general Terms and Conditions.

We often launch new platforms/services/sites and sometimes update our terms and policies. We do our best to keep this page current and refresh it regularly.

Angvlar Analytics

To use Angvlar Analytics, you must accept

  1. the Angvlar Terms and Conditions,
  2. the Acceptable Use Policy,
  3. the Copyright Policy, and
  4. these Angvlar Analytics Additional Terms and Conditions (the “Angvlar Analytics Additional Terms”).

Please read each of these documents carefully. Together, these documents are known as the “Terms”. They establish what you can expect from us as you use our services and what we expect from you.

Although it’s not a part of these Terms, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy to understand better how to update, manage, export, and delete your information.

Angvlar Learning Arcade


Angvlar Billing


Angvlar Builder (WEBcultu.re)


Angvlar Conversions


Angvlar Cookies Generator


Angvlar Dashboard

To use Angvlar Dashboard, you must accept

  1. the Angvlar Terms and Conditions,
  2. the Acceptable Use Policy,
  3. the Copyright Policy, and
  4. these Angvlar Dashboard Additional Terms and Conditions (the “Angvlar Dashboard Additional Terms”).

Please read each of these documents carefully. Together, these documents are known as the “Terms”. They establish what you can expect from us as you use our services and what we expect from you.

Although it’s not a part of these Terms, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy to understand better how to update, manage, export, and delete your information.

Maintenance conditions

Maintenance refers to the provision of services to upkeep, repair, improve or build specific aspects, systems, or equipment, with associated costs and conditions outlined below.

We only offer maintenance services to customers without any overdue unpaid invoices.

During each intervention, we will first try updating (limited to availability and knowledge) all of your outdated systems, plugins, etc., and only afterwards we will proceed with your request. This comes by default.

Maintenance service costs

  • Maintenance during working hours: €30.00/hour/agent – this fare is used by default, and it is provided if changes are requested by a customer, or in case of required manual updates.
  • Maintenance outside of the working hours: €50.00/hour/agent – this fare is used if you ask us to do some maintenance after or close to the end of our business hours that would require us to work after the schedule

    *asking us about maintenance during working hours but only providing us with the required materials after or close to the end of our business hours will result in the work being charged as maintenance outside of working hours unless you specify that you don’t need the work done at that time and that it could be done during the working hours (as we presume by default that maintenance is an urgent matter)
  • Out-of-scope maintenance: €40.00/hour/agent – during working hours and €60.00/hour – outside of working hours – this fare is used when you ask us to help you with things that are out of our company’s scope (such as chatting with a 3rd party on your behalf, solving problems on 3rd party products on your behalf, research 3rd party things on your behalf, etc.)

    *this service is limited to our knowledge, and we are free to deny any request
  • Counselling (e.g. business planning, improvement ideas, “how to” training, tutorials, etc.): €100.00/hour

*the customer is responsible for checking the work done and ensuring it was done correctly (as requested) and reporting discrepancies to Angvlar as soon as they witness them. Any loss from maintenance not being adequately done (as requested) is the customer’s responsibility, and Angvlar cannot be held accountable for it.

PREPAID Maintenance service

In addition to the above terms, a prepaid maintenance time allows customers to pay in advance for a chosen amount of maintenance hours.

At times, we might offer a discount for paying in advance, so please make sure you follow the IT Dashboard page of that specific service to be informed at all times.

We have no obligation to maintain a certain discount for any period of time.

The prepaid maintenance time cannot be used for maintenance invoices generated before the purchase date of the “Prepaid Maintenance Service” package.


Customers have the option to manually upgrade their hosting packages at their convenience through their account portal (customer account > services > choosing the desired service > upgrade > selecting the desired upgrade). By selecting the desired upgrade, customers agree to pay the price difference between their current package and the upgraded package for either the remaining service days or for the new selected billing period.

Upon payment confirmation, the upgrade will be instantly implemented, providing customers with immediate access to the enhanced features of the upgraded package.

Please note that once initiated and paid for, manual upgrades are non-reversible, and refunds will not be issued. Customers are responsible for selecting the appropriate package for their needs and are encouraged to review package details before proceeding with an upgrade.


Getting over the disk space limit of your hosting package will result in automatically being upgraded to the next package. An invoice will be issued in this regard amounting to the difference between the paid price of the remaining service days and the next package’s current price for the same billing period. The time in which the auto-upgrading occurs is solely at our discretion.

The upgrades work as follows: If you surpass the 2GB disk space of the STARTER Pack, you are upgraded to the PROFESSIONAL Pack (6GB). If you surpass those 6GB, you are upgraded to the BUSINESS Pack (12GB). If you also surpass that, you are automatically transferred to the HOSTING BUSINESS PACK METRIC BILLING, as explained below.

Hosting BUSINESS PACK metric billing

The customer can surpass the Hosting BUSINESS Pack’s included 12GB disk space limitation for €1.00 EUR per GB per month. Billing is automated.


Our Transfers Team will help you move your website to us. Transfers are provided as a courtesy service. We do not guarantee the availability, possibility, or time to complete an account transfer. Each hosting company is configured differently. Some hosting platforms save data in an incompatible or proprietary format, which may make it extremely difficult, if possible, to migrate some or all account data.

In some cases, we may be unable to assist you in transferring data from an old host. The free transfer service is available thirty (30) days from your signup date. Transfers outside the thirty (30) day period will incur a €30.00/transfer charge. In no event shall Angvlar be held liable for any lost or missing data or files resulting from a transfer to or from Angvlar. You are solely responsible for backing up your data in all circumstances.

Backup after service termination

We back up hosting services daily. You must download it. If you fail to do so, and the service gets terminated, we can offer you a website backup (files and databases) from the day the due date was at a price of only €15.00/backup. The backup is available seven (7) days after the due date.

Coupons and promotions

Coupons can be used for a maximum of one (1) per order (so multiple vouchers cannot be cumulated), and it is not intended to be used alongside any active promotion.

We can deactivate any coupon or cancel any promotion for any reason, at any time, without explaining.

We also reserve our right not to accept a particular coupon if we feel there has been abusive behaviour.

The coupon may only be valid for some of the products and services, depending on the campaign in which or for which it was published.

Affiliate Program Agreement

Participation in the Affiliate Program

To enrol in the Affiliate Program, submit your application through the affiliate signup form on the Angvlar Dashboard website. We review all affiliate signups before deciding if an application is accepted. If we determine that your application is unsuitable for the Affiliate Program, it may be rejected for any reason.

Your responsibilities:

As an Angvlar Dashboard Affiliate, you agree that:

  • It is your full responsibility to provide us with accurate account information, and it is your responsibility to keep that information up to date. Such information includes but is not limited to contact details, payment details, tax information, all website URL(s) where Angvlar is promoted, traffic sources, promotional means and practices, and any other details we may request. Angvlar reserves the right to request any additional information about each website where Angvlar is promoted and any additional information about the practices used to promote Angvlar on those websites. If you fail to provide the requested data or the data is inaccurate, it may result in exclusion from the Affiliate Program, temporary suspension or termination of your Affiliate account and loss of any Commissions.
  •  The Affiliate must act in good faith and refer clients in good standing. Clients in a good place are your directed web hosting account owners that have provided valid contact information, have active accounts that do not exceed any limitations as per the Angvlar Terms and Conditions and are not flagged for high fraud risk. Active account refers to your referred new users who have created an account and have yet to cancel it.
  •  You must not make any recommendations or take any actions resulting in a potential revenue loss for Angvlar.
  •  You should not use marketing practices that may attract clients not in good standing.
  •  You must not act in your own will as per modifying, copying or altering any banners, icons, graphics or any other content that is contained in the Angvlar Dashboard Affiliates panel, including but not limited to changing and modifying any copyright or trademark notices, without prior written approval from Angvlar.
  •  You shall not use self-referral methods. You can’t click on your affiliate links and/or banners and make orders via your unique affiliate link. Matching IP addresses used to log in to the Affiliate panel and make the purchase will be considered self-referral, and no exceptions will be made. Additionally, using VPN services to purchase the affiliate link will be viewed as a violation. Violations can result in the loss of all accrued Rewards and dismissal from the program.
  •  The Affiliate should not use black hat SEO/spam link-building techniques to generate more referrals for Angvlar.
  •  You agree not to violate any applicable law.
  •  You should be loyal to Angvlar and must not misuse its confidence, and must not damage Angvlar reputation.
  •  Not to advocate, promote, or encourage violence or discrimination against any person, organisation, or governmental entity.

If Angvlar suspects or detects patterns of violations of the Affiliate Program Agreement, Angvlar reserves the right, as a result of the Program Agreement violation, to suspend and/or terminate your Affiliate account and cancel all Commission payments due.

Affiliate Advertising

Only promotional materials that Angvlar approves may be used on the Affiliate’s Site to advertise Angvlar. Approved promotional materials refer to the materials provided in your Affiliate Area. Approved promotional materials may contain Angvlar trademarks, service marks, logos and slogans for you to display on your Affiliate Website. By accepting this Agreement, we grant you a non-exclusive, limited and non-transferable license to access, download and place the approved promotional material on your website to promote websites operated, controlled and owned by Angvlar.

If by the decision of any party, the Affiliate Agreement is terminated, upon termination, your non-exclusive, limited and non-transferable license to access, download and place the approved promotional materials of Angvlar will be immediately and automatically withdrawn.

Inappropriate ways of advertising include, but are not limited to:

  • The Usage of any illegal and/or spam method of advertising, such as unsolicited e-mail, unauthorised placing of the link in forums, newsgroups, message boards, etc.;
  •  Bidding on keywords and phrases containing the “Angvlar” trademark or variations or misspellings of the trademarked term on Pay per Click or Pay per Impression campaigns on the search engines without our prior approval. You are not allowed to use the Angvlar Website(s) as a display URL in Paid and/or Unpaid media ads and to direct-link or redirect to the Angvlar Website(s);
  •  Using non-unique copyright-infringing content to promote Angvlar;
  •  Using traffic generated by pay-to-read, pay-to-click, banner exchanges, click exchanges, PPV advertising, pop-up/under, or similar methods;
  •  Providing cash backs, rewards or any other kind of incentives to obtain the sale without our prior approval;
  •  Offering price savings methods, including coupon(s), voucher(s), discount codes, or added value offers without our prior approval;
  •  Using our advertising and promotional materials, trademark or name in a way which negatively affects our image;
  •  Using iframes or any other techniques or technology that places your Affiliate tracking cookie in any means other than an actual click-through;
  •  Using link cloaking or masking techniques or technology to promote Angvlar on websites and/or networks not explicitly listed in your affiliate profile and hiding that traffic source;
  •  Your website(s) must not contain any information thought to be offensive, vulgar, unlawful, pornographic, or otherwise objectionable. This includes but is not limited to bigotry, hatred, pornography, satanic materials, trademark and copyright materials, all content of an adult nature, etc. The declaration of any materials as such is subject to our reasonable opinion;
  •  Your domain name(s), company name, logo, trademark, product(s), project(s), or service (s) must not contain keywords and phrases containing the “Angvlar” trademark or any other variations or misspellings confusingly similar to Angvlar trademark, name, logo or domain name, without our prior approval;
  •  Your domain name(s), company name, logo, trademark, product(s), project(s), or service (s) must not contain keywords and phrases that contain or are confusingly similar to third-party trademarks, names, logos or domain names unless the trademark owner has duly authorised you.

Angvlar shall have the sole right to decide if your promotional method is appropriate. Using any inappropriate advertising method may result in a warning, suspension or termination of your affiliate account and cancellation of all outstanding Commission payments due. Additionally, any rude, aggressive or offensive in any means communication with the dedicated affiliate manager will result in a permanent ban from the Affiliate Program with no exceptions made.

Affiliate Tracking Cookies

We track affiliate sales automatically by using cookies. The cookies are automatically placed in the user’s browser, who clicks on the affiliate link to reach our website. Every cookie is stored for up to 30 days. If a previous affiliate’s cookie is placed in the same user’s browser, it will be overwritten with the new cookie. If cookies are deleted intentionally by the user, Angvlar is not responsible for this action.

Affiliate Commissions

You will receive a 5% (five per cent) Commission. The maximum Commission for one sale is €100.00. Any applicable taxes, fees, additional services (such as personal information protection) and domain prices are excluded.

We retain the right to change the Commission structure and the Commission’s calculation method at any time. Other Commission plans are not offered as standard but could be discussed with your Account Manager after a review of the Partnership.

If you disagree with the Commission due as reported, you shall e-mail via our Sales Support Form and indicate the reasons and/or observations within 30 (thirty) days from the balance due or the force majeure event’s date. Failure to send an e-mail within the prescribed time limit shall be an irrevocable acknowledgement.

If the purchase is cancelled or refunded by the client’s request – the Commission for such purchase will not be credited. We retain the right to review all the transactions for possible fraud, whether such fraud is on the part of the customer or your part. During the time during which we check Commissions for potential fraud or any other concerns due to illegal activity, we may withhold payment of any balance to you for up to 180 (one hundred eighty) days while We investigate and verify that the relevant transactions comply with the provisions of the Agreement, laws and regulations.

If the commissions are older than one (1) year and have not been withdrawn – they will be removed from your affiliate account’s balance.


We will provide you with the Commission statement due in your Affiliate Area at the start of a new month. Payout requests should be submitted via the WITHDRAW button on the Affiliates Area. The minimum payout amount for withdrawal is €10.00.

By default, the withdrawn amount is credited to your customer account as a credit to use for services within Angvlar Dashboard.

If you want the commissions paid via Wire Transfer instead of credited to your customer account, you must provide us with your bank details, and fill and sign the COMMISSION CONTRACT, that you can request from the Sales Department. Please remember that Wire Transfer payments usually take 3-5 workdays.

Relationship of the parties

The Affiliate and Angvlar agree that they enter into this Affiliate Agreement as independent contractors. This Agreement creates no partnership, agency franchise, joint venture, sales representative or employment relationship. You have no authority to accept or make any representations or offers on behalf of Angvlar. You cannot make any statements on your website, or otherwise that would contradict anything in this section.

Account Termination

You can cancel and terminate your affiliate account by contacting us anytime. Angvlar will confirm that your account has been removed, as requested.

Angvlar can terminate an affiliate account:

  • With a seven-day prior notice without providing any explanation.
  • Immediately without prior notice, if your affiliate account or you violate the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions or any general Terms and Conditions.

After an affiliate account is terminated, the sales associated with the Affiliate will no longer be tracked by us, and you will no longer qualify for any future Commissions. Additionally, the Partner will be considered an inactive Affiliate if the account has no new Conversions for the last six months, and such accounts will be parked as dormant. If any Commissions are due at the time of termination, they will be paid to the Affiliate after any applicable holding period with the regular payout cycle. No outstanding Commission payments will be due if your account is terminated due to violating these Terms and Conditions, and an administrative fee of €50.00 (or the equivalent in the currency listed in your Affiliate Area) will be due by the Affiliate.

Once the Affiliate account is terminated, the Affiliate must remove any and all promotional materials, links, logos, trademarks, and slogans of Angvlar from his website within three (3) business days. This provision survives the termination of the Affiliate Agreement. Upon the termination of this Affiliate Agreement, the Affiliate no longer has the right to use any of Angvlar trademark(s), logo(s), and slogan(s) and will refrain from any actions that may affect the reputation, the image and any business relations with current and potential clients of Angvlar, directly or indirectly.

Once the Affiliate account is terminated, this Affiliate Agreement is terminated automatically.

Confidential Information

Each party acknowledges that, as a result of this Affiliate Agreement, it may gain access to certain Confidential Information of the other party. “Confidential Information” means all documentation and information, including techniques, algorithms and processes and technical, business and marketing information, designated or marked by the party disclosing such documentation and information orally, visually or in writing (the “Disclosing Party”) as “proprietary” or “confidential” or the like, or that the other party (the “Receiving Party”) knows to be confidential, or should reasonably consider being confidential under the circumstances of its disclosure, supplied by the Disclosing Party to the Receiving Party in connection with this Affiliate Agreement.

The Receiving Party agree:

  1. to hold the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information in strict confidence, using the same degree of (but no less than reasonable) care and protection that it exercises with its Confidential Information of a similar nature;
  2. not to directly or indirectly disclose or otherwise make available any Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party to a third party; and
  3. not to copy or use Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information for any purpose other than as necessary to fulfil Receiving Party’s obligations or exercise its rights under this Affiliate Agreement.

Each party will disclose the other party’s Confidential Information only to its employees and affiliates who need to know to fulfil such party’s obligations. In addition, the Receiving Party will be allowed to disclose Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party to the extent that such disclosure is approved in writing by the Disclosing Party or is required by law or by order of a court or similar judicial or administrative body, provided that (to the extent permitted by law) the Receiving Party notifies the Disclosing Party of such required disclosure promptly and in writing and cooperates with the Disclosing Party, at the Disclosing Party’s reasonable request and expense, in any lawful action.

The obligations of this section will not apply to Confidential Information if such information: (a) is publicly available before or at the time of disclosure or later becomes publicly available through no act of the Receiving Party; or (b) was before disclosure hereunder, rightfully known to the Receiving Party (other than in connection with this Affiliate Agreement) without confidentiality restriction.

Hosting a store with us

If you elect to use Angvlar to host your e-commerce store (“Store”) for selling any of your products and/or services (“Store Content”), you are solely responsible for any and all Store Content and any transactions or other activities conducted on or through the store. You represent and warrant to Angvlar that (i) you have all necessary rights to post or distribute such Store Content, and (ii) your Store Content does not infringe or violate the rights of any third party. Your Store activities are your responsibility, and Angvlar disclaims any and all liability related to any Store Content.

You acknowledge and agree that Angvlar may, but is not obligated to, monitor your store and may take any corrective action in Angvlar’s sole discretion, including without limitation, removal of all or a portion of the Store Content and suspension or termination of any and all Services without refund of any pre-paid fees. You agree that Angvlar shall have no liability due to any corrective action that Angvlar may take, including, without limitation, suspension or termination of your store.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for your compliance with the following:

  • all applicable laws and regulations related to the Store and any Store Content, including any related consumer, data privacy, and e-commerce laws;
  •  taxes and fees associated with the store, including taxes related to the purchase or sale of products and services in connection with the store;
  •  customer service for the store, including any inquiries, concerns, warranties you may offer, or claims and complaints relating to the store;
  •  fulfilment and the delivery of Store Content to your customers; and
  •  visibility for all applicable terms and policies, including but not limited to privacy policies, cookie policies, return policies, and any offered warranties.
  •  Your Store Content is subject to Angvlar’s Acceptable Use Policy. In the event you violate this policy, Angvlar reserves the right to, at any time and in our sole discretion, without notice, suspend and disable access or remove your Store and/or Store Content without any liability to you or your customers, including without limitation, any loss of profits, revenue, data, goodwill, or other losses except where prohibited by law.


The registration of the domains is done under the legislation in force. The customer undertakes to enter a fill-in form with complete data, correct and in accordance with reality. Angvlar cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the customer’s provision of incorrect or incomplete information.

Angvlar does not take any responsibility or offer any guarantee regarding the registration/renewal of domains.

The domain registration service operates globally on a “first come, first served” basis.

Reasons for rejecting an application for a domain name:

  • incomplete data in the domain name registration form;
  •  the data in the form are false, inaccurate or mislead Internet users;
  •  the domain name contains more than 63 characters;
  •  the domain name contains characters other than the allowed ones – alpha-numeric characters and the minus sign (-);
  •  the domain name includes the minus sign (-) at its beginning or end;
  •  the domain name is identical to another already registered;
  •  the domain name is identical to the one in a previous, valid application;
  •  the domain name is in bad taste;
  •  the domain name could contradict the observance of public order;
  •  confusing domain names;
  •  a domain name that could offend someone;
  •  obscene or pornographic domain names;
  •  names of well-known personalities;
  •  the domain name contains ‘angvlar’, ‘ang’, ‘angv’, ‘ava’ or other acronyms and similarities;

Designated Agent Clause

By agreeing to these terms of service and registrant agreement, you acknowledge and consent to Angvlar SRL acting as your Designated Agent in accordance with the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP).

As your Designated Agent, Angvlar SRL is authorized to represent you in matters related to domain name transfers and any other procedures governed by the IRTP.

Due Date. Expiry. Redemption.

The due date represents the last day the domain name can be paid at the normal amount and the last day the domain can be used until its payment.

Expiry comes one (1) day after the due date, representing that the domain will be deleted soon. (*Payment Delay Late Fees will also apply since this day)

Redemption is the status that the TLDs enter following the expiry if they do not renew. This coincides with a domain being put up for auction.

Domains can renew during the redemption grace period (if they do not sell at auction) by paying a redemption fee plus the regular renewal cost for the domain (and, of course, the Payment Delay Late Fees).

If the domain is not recovered from redemption, it enters a pending delete stage at the registry for one to five days. On the sixth day, the registry typically releases the domain to the public for re-registration.

Redemption periods and fees

TLDsRedemption period (days)Redemption fees (EUR)

Reseller Terms and Client Responsibility

Resellers shall ensure that each of their clients complies with this Agreement.

Resellers are responsible for supporting their clients. Angvlar does not provide support to clients of Angvlar’s resellers. If a reseller’s client contacts Angvlar, Angvlar reserves the right to place a reseller client account on hold until the reseller can assume responsibility for the reseller’s client. The reseller must make all support requests for security on its client’s behalf.

Resellers are also responsible for all content stored or transmitted under their reseller account and the actions of their clients. Angvlar will hold any reseller responsible for their client’s actions violating the law or this Agreement.

Angvlar is not responsible for the acts or omissions of our resellers. The reseller hereby agrees to indemnify Angvlar from and against any and all claims made by any User arising from the reseller’s acts or omissions.

Angvlar reserves the right to revise our Reseller Program at any time. Changes shall take effect when posted online or on any subsequent date as may be set forth by Angvlar.

Resellers in the Angvlar Reseller Program assume all responsibility for billing and technical support for each user signed up by the reseller.

Shared (non-reseller accounts)

Shared accounts may not be used to resell web hosting to others. If you wish to resell hosting, you must use a reseller account.

Anti-Flood Protection

Angvlar has flood protection equipment. It is well known that an attack cannot always be avoided, but we detect and filter as much as possible using specially configured equipment.

When a DDoS attack is detected on the network, our equipment will trigger the filtering and mitigation of the attack. Due to filtering, some valid requests may be cancelled, which may lead to a slowdown or interruptions for some time of the activity of the services allocated on the attacked server. Interruptions generated by such incidents are not included in downtime.

We reserve the right to close those services that receive attacks of considerable intensity immediately.


According to the legal provisions, it is forbidden to make commercial communications by e-mail unless the recipient has previously expressed their consent to receive such communications. Angvlar prohibits customers from sending more than 250 e-mails per hour to prevent possible SPAM actions. We reserve the right to suspend or even close accounts that use this method of promotion.

The following activities are prohibited in sending, transmitting, handling or delivering e-mail messages:

  • unsolicited (spam) in violation of any existing law in this regard;
  •  to addresses that are incomplete or inaccurate;
  •  to lists that will generate a high number of SPAM complaints;
  •  to addresses that will lead to the listing of the IP in blocklists;
  •  which use or contain non-existent domain names;
  •  which hide or try to complicate finding out the point of origin of the transmission;
  •  using other misleading addressing methods;
  •  who use the domain name of a third party without their consent;
  •  containing false or confusing information;
  •  containing viruses, corrupt files or any other similar software or application;
  •  containing material or informational content that infringes copyright, trademark rights and any other intellectual property rights belonging to a third party;
  •  containing nudity, child pornography, or any image or text with sexual or obscene content without complying with the legal conditions in force;
  •  containing pirated software or addressing those who pirate software or engage in any similar activities;
  •  containing threats, abuse, harassment, and slanderous statements;
  •  containing any image or text intended to encourage xenophobia;
  •  containing text or materials of a violent nature;
  •  which included defamatory, insulting, denigrating or slanderous content;
  •  which have racial or discriminatory content;
  •  which have been misleading, false, confusing or fraudulent;
  •  that have content that invades the privacy of a third party or violates its legal rights;
  •  which have vulgar, obscene, indecent or illegal content;


This service aims to enhance email security by verifying the legitimacy and safety of received emails. Customers may forward suspicious emails to verify@angvlar.com for assessment. Our team will promptly evaluate the email and provide findings to the customer.

Disclaimer of Warranties: The Service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Angvlar makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the Service for any particular purpose.

Limitation of Liability: In no event shall Angvlar be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service.

All verified emails are treated with the utmost care and secrecy, following Angvlar’s Privacy Policy, available for review at https://www.angvlar.com/privacy-policy.

Verification of emails originating from Angvlar or in regards to it is provided free of charge.
For emails from other sources or concerning different issues, the following fees apply:

  • Low-value emails: €0.25 per email
  • High-maintenance emails (e.g., containing links, requiring information changes/updates): €0.50 per email
  • Emails requiring meticulous attention or handling sensitive information: €5.00 per email

Angvlar will asses what kind of email it is, and apply the afferent fee.

Angvlar Drive

To use Angvlar Drive, you must accept the following:

  1. The Angvlar Terms and Conditions
  2. The Acceptable Use Policy
  3. These Angvlar Drive Additional Terms and Conditions (the “Angvlar Drive Additional Terms”)

Please read each of these documents carefully. Together, these documents are known as the “Terms”. They establish what you can expect from us as you use our services and what we expect from you.

Although it’s not a part of these Terms, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy to understand better how to update, manage, export, and delete your information.

Your Content

Angvlar Drive allows you to upload, submit, store, send and receive content. As described in the Angvlar Terms and Conditions, your content remains yours. We do not claim ownership of your content, including any text, data, information, and files you upload, share, or store in your Angvlar Drive account. The Angvlar Terms and Conditions give Angvlar a limited-purpose license to operate and improve the Angvlar Drive services. If you decide to share a document with someone or want to open it on a different device, we can provide that functionality.

The “owner” of the content is the one who uploads and controls the content and its use.

Sharing settings in Angvlar Drive allows you to control what others can do with your content in Angvlar Drive. You can share your content and can transfer control of your content to other users. The privacy settings of your files depend on the folder or drive they are in. Files you create or place in folders or drives shared by others will inherit the sharing settings and may inherit the ownership settings of the folder or drive they are in. Files in your drive are private until you decide to share them. We will not share your files and data with others except as described in our Privacy Policy.

We will not use your content for marketing or promotional campaigns.

We may review content to determine whether it is illegal or violates our Policies. We may remove or refuse to display content that we reasonably believe violates our policies or the law. But that does not necessarily mean we review content, so please don’t assume we do.

Angvlar Drop


Angvlar Forms


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Angvlar QR Menu


Angvlar Newsletter

General Rules

By agreeing to these Terms, you promise to follow these rules:

  1. You won’t send spam.
  2.  You won’t use purchased, rented, or third-party lists of e-mail addresses.
  3.  You’ll comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, which forms part of these Terms.
  4.  If you use our API, you’ll comply with our API Use Policy, which includes part of these Terms.

Angvlar doesn’t allow accounts that promote or incite harm toward others or promote discriminatory, hateful, or harassing content. To this end, we may suspend or terminate your account if you send a Campaign or otherwise distribute any Content that we determine, in our sole discretion, contains either of the following:

  • A Threat of Physical Harm. This means any statement, photograph, advertisement, or other content that, in our sole judgment, could be reasonably perceived to threaten, advocate, or incite physical harm to or violence against others.
  •  Hateful Content. This means any statement, image, photograph, advertisement, or other content that, in our sole judgment, could be reasonably perceived to harm, threaten, promote the harassment of, promote the intimidation of, promote the abuse of, or promote discrimination against others based solely on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, disease, or immigration status.

We also may suspend or terminate your account if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you are either:

  • an organisation that has publicly stated or acknowledged that its goals, objectives, positions, or founding tenets include statements or principles that could be reasonably perceived to advocate, encourage, or sponsor Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm;
  •  a person that has publicly made a comment or statement, or otherwise publicly made known a position, including by membership in an organisation as discussed above, that could be reasonably perceived as Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm; or
  •  a person or organisation that has acted in such a way as could be reasonably perceived to support, condone, encourage, or represent Hateful Content or A Threat of Physical Harm.

Angvlar also does not allow the distribution of content that is, in our sole discretion, materially false, inaccurate, or misleading in a way that could deceive or confuse others about important events, topics, or circumstances.

If you violate these rules, we may warn you, suspend or terminate your account.

Any unused resource within a monthly/yearly package will not be carried forward to the following month/year.

Reporting Abuse

If you think anyone violates these Terms, please notify us immediately. If you received spam you think came from an Angvlar Member, please report it via the Abuse Form. (Every e-mail Campaign sent through the service has an embedded campaign tracking ID in the e-mail header, making it easy to report suspected spam.) If you think anyone has posted material violating any protected marks or copyrights, you can notify us via the contact information provided in our Copyright Policy.

Bandwidth Abuse/Throttling

You may only use our bandwidth for your Content and Campaigns. We provide image and data hosting only for your service use, so you may not host images or data on our servers for anything else. We may throttle your sending or connection through our API at our discretion.

Compliance with Laws

You’re responsible for determining whether the service is suitable for you to use in light of your obligations under any regulations like Data Protection Laws (as defined in the Privacy Policy), Romania’s export control laws and regulations and economic sanctions laws and regulations, or other applicable laws. You pledge to use the service in a manner that complies with all relevant rules and laws. If you’re subject to regulations and use the service, we won’t be liable if the service doesn’t meet those requirements. You may not engage in illegal or discriminatory behaviour while using the service, including acts prohibited by applicable laws.

If you collect any personal information about a minor and store such information within your Angvlar account, you represent and warrant that you have obtained valid consent for such activities according to the applicable laws of the jurisdiction where the minor lives.

You agree, represent, and warrant to Angvlar that:

  1. You will post, maintain, and abide by a publicly accessible privacy notice on the digital properties from which the underlying data is collected that (a) satisfies the requirements of applicable Data Protection Laws, (b) describes your use of the service, and (c) includes a link to our Privacy Policy.
  2.  You will get and maintain all necessary permissions and valid consents required to lawfully transfer data to Angvlar and enable such data to be lawfully collected, processed, and shared by Angvlar to provide the service or as otherwise directed by you.
  3.  You will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the Campaigns sent through the service, including those relating to (a) acquiring consents (where required) to send Campaigns lawfully, (b) the Content of Campaigns, and (c) your Campaign deployment practices.
  4.  You will provide all notices and obtain all necessary consents required by applicable Data Protection Laws to enable Angvlar to deploy cookies and similar tracking technologies (like web beacons or pixels) lawfully on and collect data from the devices of contacts and end users in accordance with and as described in our Cookies Policy.
  5.  To the extent Angvlar processes your content protected by Data Protection Laws as a processor on your behalf (all as defined in the Privacy Policy), you and Angvlar shall be subject to and comply with Angvlar’s Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into and forms an integral part of these Terms. The Privacy Policy sets out our obligations concerning data protection and security when processing your content on your behalf in connection with the service.

In addition, if you are subject to EU Data Protection Law (as defined in the Privacy Policy), you acknowledge and agree that we have your prior written authorisation to respond, at our discretion, to any data subject access requests we receive from your contacts made under EU Data Protection Law, or we may direct any such contacts to you so that you can respond to the request accordingly.

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Angvlar SMS

Any unused resource within a monthly/yearly package will not be carried forward to the following month/year.

Any spam is prohibited.

Using non-subscribed or unsubscribed details to send anything through our systems is prohibited.

Using a global device presumes you accept and take full responsibility that the third party that made their device available can see both the message and the recipient. Make sure your policy informs your recipient about this.

Angvlar Social


Angvlar Store

14 Days Free Return

Because all our products are made on-demand, the 14 Days Free Return Policy applies only to products that suffered defects during fulfilment or transport. Otherwise, the products can’t be returned.

Angvlar VoIP

Any unused resource within a monthly/yearly package will not be carried forward to the following month/year.

Any spam is prohibited.

Using non-subscribed or unsubscribed details to send anything through our systems is prohibited.