Angvlar® Analytics™

Track and analyze your website visitors’ behaviour effortlessly. Replay sessions to gain insights into user behaviour and better understand their needs.


Angvlar® Billing™

Streamline your invoicing and expense tracking process. You’ll save precious time and money! You may create your first invoice using our platform in under a minute.

Angvlar® Builder™ (WEBcultu.re™)

Creating your dream website is now easier than ever with our web-building platform. Whether you have coding or design skills, you can effortlessly build a website representing your brand. Customize your site to your tastes, and improve your online presence in only a few minutes. We offer a selection of themes that have been carefully created.


Angvlar® Conversions™

Boost your website growth and enhance conversions with our notifications. Our expertly crafted notices incorporate proven psychological triggers, such as social proof, to attract more visitors and increase your website’s success.

Angvlar® Cookies Generator™

Create cookie announcements hassle-free with our free generator tool! It’s the easiest and best online option, allowing you to produce professional-quality announcements with just a few clicks quickly. Try it now and see how easy and effective it is!


Angvlar® IT Dashboard™

Take control of your IT services, including hosting, domains, and web design, with ease. Manage your invoices and get your support to keep your business running smoothly.

Angvlar® Drive™

You can now securely keep and exchange your pictures, videos, documents, and other important files online.

Angvlar® Drop™

Quickly, safely and securely share your files on the web!


Angvlar® Forms™

Create online forms with ease! No coding skills are needed. Collect data, conduct surveys, and manage submissions effortlessly. Try it now!


Angvlar® Marketing™

Schedule posts, review the performance, post in bulk on multiple social media accounts at the same time and generate AI images and content.

Angvlar® Image Mapping™

Begin crafting your SVG mapping today with our convenient and complimentary online tool!

Angvlar® QR Menu™

Dynamically managing your restaurant’s menu has always been more practical. Our simple and fast system lets your customers easily navigate and select their desired items without any hassle


Angvlar® Newsletter™

E-mail marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience and promote your brand. It’s cost-effective and easy to track results, making it a powerful tool for small businesses and individuals. You can build relationships and increase sales by sending tailored messages to subscribers.


Angvlar® QR™

Easily create and share QR codes and shorten links with just a few clicks!


Angvlar® SMS™

Take advantage of your network provider’s unlimited SMS plan to achieve a cost-effective solution for all your marketing agendas, bulk messaging, and project-related communication needs within your country.

Angvlar® Social™

Update your friends on the latest happenings and memorable moments in your life!

Angvlar® Store™

There are so many fantastic options available! The selection is awe-inspiring! You’ll find everything from cosy hoodies and crew neck sweaters to stylish beanies, t-shirts, and more.


Angvlar® VoIP™

Consider implementing a centralized VoIP solution for all your projects. This can significantly streamline communication, and team members may find it simpler to communicate and stay on the same page.