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Angvlar ABC’s (apps)


Angvlar Analytics

Easy and friendly analytics. Track your users journey, replay sessions, collect heatmaps & more.


Angvlar Learning Arcade

Education made fun. Tools, toys and games to help you learn design, for free.


Angvlar Conversions

Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Growth. Increase your website’s growth by using our notification widgets.


Angvlar Cookies Generator

Use our cookies announcement generator for free! The best and easiest tool you’ll find on the internet.


Angvlar Dashboard

Manage your IT services (hosting, domains, web design), invoices, support.


Angvlar Drive

A new home for your files.


Angvlar Drop

Share your files online via drag&drop.


Angvlar Forms

The easiest way to build, design, automate and manage your online forms.


Angvlar Photo Grid Maker

Start creating your website’s professional photo grid, using our free and online tool!


Angvlar Image Mapping

Start creating your own SVG mapping, using our free and online tool!


Angvlar QR Menu

The easiest, safest and most practical way of managing your stores menus dynamically. Simple, easy and fast for your customers.


Angvlar Newsletter

E-mail marketing for individuals & businesses.


Angvlar Pricing Plans Generator

This tool helps you create full-featured pricing plans for your website in less than 60 seconds!


Angvlar QR

Generate simple & advanced QR codes. Easy, customizable & trackable.


Angvlar SMS

SMS and WhatsApp marketing at it’s finest.


Angvlar Social

Connect with your family and friends and share your moments.


Angvlar Store

A wide range of amazing products: from comfortable hoodies and crew neck sweaters to amazing beanies, t-shirts, and more.

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